Watch This Tesla Model 3 Stop Itself To Avoid Horrific Crash: Video

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a car flies into view ready to crush the Tesla Model 3, but Tesla’s automatic emergency braking steps in and saves the day.

It appears as though the car that comes into view from the left of the screen ran a red light. Furthermore, the rate of speed is clearly quite high. This perhaps indicates that the car was trying to beat the light change.

Well, as the light changed and the Model 3 moved off, into view comes the light-runner. The Model 3 (it’s impossible to think the driver noticed the incoming car) reacted immediately by activating the automatic emergency braking system to bring the car to a quick halt.

So, the Model 3 escaped unscathed, but a major crash still occurred when the offending car slammed into the side of the older white truck that didn’t stop on its own (no automatic emergency braking here). It’s safe to assume the driver of the white truck didn’t even see the car prior to it smashing the driver’s side of the truck.

Check out this video below and prepare to be wowed by the tech that stopped the Model 3 just in time.

Hat tip to @28delayslater for sharing this video with InsideEVs!

Source: Electric Vehicle News