Diesel lawsuit proceeds against Mercedes-Benz

2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec 4MaticWhile Volkswagen has reached a historic settlement and had to buy back hundreds of thousands of its diesel cars in the U.S., it isn’t the only automaker to be investigated for cheating on diesel emissions. Fiat Chrysler recently agreed to recall its Ram and Jeep EcoDiesels and pay owners for misleading advertising claims. A third case…
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VDL Expands Electric Bus Offer With Citea LLE-115 Electric

EV business is good, so new models coming

Dutch manufacturer VDL Bus & Coach announced further expansion of its electric bus portfolio. After two years since the introduction of the Citea LLE-99 Electric (in the photo), which is a Light Low Entry, 9.9-meter long bus, company will introduce a longer Citea LLE-115 Electric version (11.5 meters).

As always, the new model will be available with various charging options, door configurations and flexible interior solutions.

Standard battery option for Citea LLE-115 Electric will be 180 kWh, which is enough for 100-150 km (62-93 miles) of range in real-world conditions. Charging power reaches 270 kW (1.5C).

“The expansion of the VDL Citea Electric range with the 11.5-metre Light Low Entry Electric is a logical step in making public transport in regional areas more sustainable. The Citea LLE-115 Electric has a higher passenger capacity, with a maximum seating arrangement of 35+4+1. The new length variant is equipped as standard with the 180 kWh battery pack. This makes it possible to achieve an action radius of 100-150 kilometres without any interim recharging. Thanks to the high-quality batteries and smart charging solutions, it is possible to achieve an action radius of up to 500 kilometres per day with interim recharging. In addition to the standard CCS plug, a pantograph can be used for quick charging at up to 270 kW.

The 11.5 metre length variant of the Citea Light Low Entry Electric is a nice addition to the VDL electric product range. The electric product range consists of 3 models, namely the Low Floor (also available as the Low Floor Articulated), Low Entry and Light Low Entry. The lengths vary from 9.9 metres to 18.7 metres. This gives the operator a high degree of flexibility and the ability to perfectly match deployment needs and operational preferences.”

So far, several hundred VDL buses covered more than 22 million km.

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Number Of Identified Tesla Model 3 Orders In Europe Close To 20,000

Almost 2/3 of the Model 3 were ordered in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany

The voluntary dataset of Tesla Model 3 orders placed in Europe currently indicates over 19,300 (as of January 31, 2019), which is roughly 5,500 more than a month earlier.

As not all customers were willing to add their order to the list, and only top of the line versions are available, we can safely bet that more than 20,000 people are waiting for their cars.

The latest data shows also that the number of orders increased in all major markets. Norway’s share – with over 5,100 – decreased from one third to more than one fourth. On the other hand, the Netherlands went up from less than 8% to 20% and becomes the second biggest market (over 3,800) according to the data.

So far, the best selling models in Europe (Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE) had around 40,000 sales in 2018, so the Tesla Model 3 has a big chance to become #1 this year.

Tesla Model 3 orders in Europe – February 5, 2019

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EGEB: Michigan in US Climate Alliance, German power problems, Aurora Solar

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Today in EGEB, Michigan joins the U.S. Climate Alliance. Increased costs for Germany’s clean energy plan create concern. A large wind project in New York is the first for NYPA. Aurora Solar raises $20 million in funding.


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Tesla Model 3 Brings Joy: Ranked #1 By Consumer Reports Subscribers

The Tesla Model 3 is the most satisfying car on the market according to Consumer Reports.

Just the other day we shared some good news from Consumer Reports (CR). The publication noted that its readers chose the premium all-electric Tesla Model 3 as its top-rated luxury compact car. Over the years, CR has been hot and cold when it comes to Tesla. Early on, it didn’t recommend the Model 3. Fortunately, that changed. However, not long after that, the organization shared that there were still issues. Fast forward to today and CR has released the results of its annual owner satisfaction survey. As it turns out, the Model 3 not only makes the top ten list, but leads it.

According to Consumer Reports:

Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? In addition, respondents also rate their cars in six categories: driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio, and climate systems.

The organization goes on to say that this data lets prospective buyers know if a car actually lived up to its promises, along with providing what owners expect from the car. Clearly, the Model 3 has done its job and then some. In fact, it beat out the iconic Porsche 911 to top this year’s list.

CR surveys owners of over a half a million vehicles to come up with these results. Needless to say, this is not some unscientific poll based on a handful of opinions, but rather a highly respected award from one of the industry’s top consumer research organizations.

Are you satisfied with your Tesla Model 3? Does it bring you lots of joy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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BMW shows new iNEXT all-electric prototype, puts it through winter testing

A few months after unveiling the concept, BMW is now showing a new camouflaged prototype of its iNEXT, an upcoming electric crossover, as it’s doing its first round of winter tests ahead of its 2021 production launch. more…

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Tesla battery packs coming to Electrify America chargers

Electrify America chargers at San Francisco Premium OutletsElectrify America has been billed as a charging network to compete with Tesla’s Superchargers. Now it turns out, they may be partners as well. In an announcement on Monday, Electrify America said it would install Tesla stationary battery packs at 100 of its locations to balance power demand and reduce costs. DON’T MISS: Electrify America maps out…
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DHL To Introduce 63 Workhorse NGEN-1000 In U.S. This Year

Workhorse received an important order for the NGEN-1000

DHL ordered a new fleet of 63 Workhorse NGEN-1000 cargo vans for its U.S. operation. The rollout of the fleet is planned for this year – the first 30 NGEN-1000 are to be introduced in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For DHL it’s another step on the path to reduce vehicle emissions to zero by 2050.

The range of NGEN-1000 to be up to 100 miles (160 km), which combined with an ultra-low floor and a high roof design is a perfect solution for the last-mile deliveries.

“The fleet of 63 NGEN-1000 electric delivery cargo vans are produced by equipment manufacturer Workhorse Group(WKHS) and are built to be among the safest, most efficient last-mile delivery and work truck systems available. Capable of running up to 100 miles on a charge, the vans have ultra-low floors to reduce physical stress on workers’ knees and back, and a high roof design that maximizes cargo space in a small footprint (1,008 cubic feet of cargo capacity).”

“In March 2017, Deutsche Post DHL Group, the parent company of DHL Express, registered a significant first for the logistics industry by announcing a commitment to reduce its logistics-related emissions to net zero by 2050. To meet this goal, the company will achieve four interim milestones by 2025 as part of the Group’s environmental protection program called GoGreen:

Increase the carbon efficiency of its own activities and those of its transport subcontractors by 50 percent compared with the 2007 baseline Operate 70 percent of its own first- and last-mile services with clean pickup and delivery solutions, such as by bike and electric vehicle Generate more than 50 percent of sales from products and services incorporating Green Solutions Train and certify 80 percent of its employees as GoGreen specialists and involve them in its environmental and climate protection activities. This includes joining partners to plant one million trees each year.”

Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express U.S. said:

“Throughout the United States, DHL has proactively sought opportunities in select markets where we can implement AFV fleets that will help us reach our clean transport goals while continuing to provide a superior service experience. This year alone, nearly 30 percent of our new vehicles will be alternative fuel. We’re excited about the technologies that continue to emerge in this area and how they are benefiting the logistics industry.”

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Is The 2019 Kia Niro EV A True Game Changer? Video

Oh, how we wish Kia and Hyundai would plan for wide-scale availability.

Every time we see another review about the 2019 Kia Niro EV, we’re more excited about the electric crossover and the future of Kia and Hyundai. Redline Reviews joins the growing list of publications to expose the Niro’s excellence and significance. The channel host says the Niro EV offers all the range of a much more expensive Tesla. However, it doesn’t have the polarizing facade of the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Kia is launching two new all-electric products in the near future. The second release is the completely redesigned 2020 Kia Soul EV, which is much like the Niro EV in many ways. With two new EVs coming from Kia — not to mention the Hyundai Kona EV — you should have no problem getting your hands on one, right?

Wrong. Sadly, while these Korean battery-electric crossovers impress one publication after another, the automakers don’t plan to produce them in large quantities. In addition, the gang of mini-SUVs will only be available in a handful of U.S. states. We can be hopeful that as time goes on, the situation will change. Batteries are expensive and in limited supply, which makes EV production cost-prohibitive. It seems Kia and Hyundai are playing their cards right with smaller production in these early stages.

Check out the video to learn what Redline Reviews has to share about the upcoming Niro EV. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Redline Reviews on YouTube:

2019 Kia Niro EV – The Game Changing EV?

#Kia is no stranger to electric cars and Soul EV was a pretty impressive offering a few years ago. Unfortunately, its limited 111 mile range was extremely limiting. For 2019, Kia has significantly beefed up the battery capacity and the electric motor, this is the all-new #NiroEV. With nearly 240 miles of range on a full charge and nearly 300 ft-lbs of instant #EV torque, it promises to offer all the range of a more pricey Tesla, without the strange looks of the Chevrolet Bolt. Put one on your test drive list if you’re looking to kick gas and make the EV switch. The car goes on sale in late February and will be sold in 12 states: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. #KiaNiroEV

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