Does Tesla Sentry Mode Even Work? It’s So Loud! Video

Yes, it’s really LOUD! But, how does it actually work?

It seems Tesla Sentry Mode is so loud it could wake up your neighbors. Perhaps that’s a good thing if someone is trying to steal your car. We couldn’t wait to hear Bach’s Toccata and Fugue blasting those haunting organ notes from the Model 3 sound system, not to mention the kick-butt metal version. Sadly, there’s only a very brief clip of the music, since Tesla Raj doesn’t want to disturb the neighbors.

The above video is long and in-depth. It includes loads of details about Tesla Sentry Mode, as well as Dog Mode. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, we’ve embedded the shorter version from Twitter below.

For a little fun and a sample of what a car thief will hear, crank up your speakers and tune in to the 10:03 mark in the video above (metal version). If you want to hear the original organ arrangement, which we prefer, click on the Twitter video below and scroll to 4:57.

In both videos, Raj provides a pretty exhausting analysis of Tesla Sentry Mode. While it’s surely not perfect, it seems to do what it’s supposed to do. Needless to say, if a criminal stood in just the right spot or touched the car in just the right place, the feature may not trigger.

Fortunately, we can only imagine that when breaking into a car, it’s not very easy to be successful if you have to make decisions like, “Stand 2.4 feet from the car just behind the driver’s-side door and don’t move. If you touch something, make sure it’s precisely 4 inches toward the rear of the car and 2 inches in measured from the B-pillar. ” Of course, this is just a silly example and not reality, but you get the point. However, it’s still important to note that there are some bugs and dead areas. Additionally, Raj noted did not receive any notifications to his phone and covering the camera may cause Sentry Mode to fail. Still, the car’s alarm  engages regardless.

Video Description via TeslaRaj on YouTube:

Tesla Sentry Model Review and More

The munch anticipated software has arrived and we take a deep dive into it and show you where its strengths and weaknesses are. AT THIS TIME NO NOTIFICATION TO PHONE YET.

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Renault ZOE Sales Doubled In January 2019

Renault continues strong growth

Thanks to a surge of ZOE sales in its best January ever, Renault begins the year 2019 with 4,417 EV sales, which is 76% more than a year ago.

EV share out of overall Renault volume also improved in Europe to 5.25% among passenger cars, and 2.35% among commercial cars. With further improvement coming in the second-generation ZOE, Renault could be able to reach 10%.

Renault electric car sales – January 2019

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BP invests in Chinese charging platform PowerShare

BP Ventures has invested in Powershare, a Chinese provider of integrated hardware and software for EV charging, during a Series A funding round.

PowerShare offers an online platform that connects drivers, charge point operators, and power suppliers. The company’s cloud-based system allows power suppliers to continuously monitor the power demand from vehicles and balance it with the supply capacity of the grid.

“China is the world’s largest EV market and a key market for BP as we seek to expand our advanced mobility offer,” said Lamar McKay, Deputy Chief Executive of BP. “Our investment into PowerShare, BP Ventures’ first direct investment in China, demonstrates our continued intent to provide charging solutions and advanced mobility offers to Chinese consumers both on and off our forecourts.”


Source: BP

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Detailed Elaboration On The Rivian, GM, Amazon Deal: Video

Will GM and Amazon’s huge investment in Rivian play out? Why does it make sense?

Our good friend Sean Mitchell has become a bit of an expert on Rivian. While many publications, including mainstream media, are just learning about the upcoming EV company, Mitchell has been covering it for some time.

He even enjoyed an exclusive visit to the company’s Michigan headquarters long ago, way ahead of the rest of us being invited to step inside. Moreover, as usual, Sean has done his homework in more ways than one, which included spending some time with the electric truck and electric SUV at their world debut in LA, in addition to securing an amazing interview with CEO RJ Scaringe in Aspen.

In the above video, it’s clear that Mitchell just heard the news about Rivian, GM, and Amazon. He happens to be in his car without his regular resources, but he provides a quick phone video to get his thoughts out. Check it out to give yourself a little background. However, you’re going to want to scroll down and pay closer attention to Sean’s followup video, which is more organized and includes the real meat and potatoes. Also, he provides a nice summary in the second video description below.

Video Description (above) via Sean Mitchell ( on YouTube:

Initial thoughts: GM/Amazon in talks to invest into Rivian

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Video Description:

Why the Rivian / GM / Amazon deal could be a win-win-win

What could Rivian get out of this deal?

  • Quick infusion of cash
  • Instantaneous street credibility that other new EV companies don’t have
  • Production prowess
  • Potential revenue from any licensing deal or vehicle sales
  • Potential for Rivian to be acquired by Amazon or GM in the future

What could GM get out of this deal?

  • A working partnership with a bad-ass, forward thinking EV company
  • Potential access to some of the best EV tech in the industry
  • A potentially competitive truck to compete against F150

What could Amazon get out of this deal?

  • A working partnership with a bad-ass, forward thinking EV company
  • Potential access to some of the best EV tech in the industry
  • Access to an EV fleet with autonomous ready features for deliveries
  • Alexa integration and associated revenue

What do you think? Will this ever really come to be? If so, is it a good idea, or will it only lead to issues. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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What Can We Learn From This Extraordinary Tesla Road Trip?


Guest Contributor: Steve Sasman*; Editor’s Note: Driving both an older Model S and new Model 3, Steve went on an epic 48-state road trip visiting 107 Tesla stores and meeting over 500 Tesla employees. Here, Steve recounts some tips, tricks, and hacks driving his Tesla on road trips (and at home). Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Steve’s craziest road trip tales and a comparison of traveling such long distances in a Model S vs. a Model 3.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Steve Sasman. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs.

Above: Car Camping on a ranch in Oregon thanks to a fellow Tesla enthusiast Tim Lussier (Photo: Steve Sasman*)

On my first 48-state, 27,615 mile, 132 day Tesla road trip in the summer of 2015 (including some travel in Canada), I came up with my top 11 Tesla road trip tips. After my second 48-state road trip this past summer, I’ve got a few more — including some money-making Tesla hacks at home.

But first, let’s review some stats. Tesla has (once again) proved how thrifty it can be when it comes to road trips — especially if traveling solo or with someone you are very comfortable snuggling up with on a twin size air mattress.

So… after driving a Tesla through 48 states, what exactly were my road trip stats— including my overall savings on lodging?

  • 53 nights on the road total — Total lodging cost $750 or $14 per night.
  • 12,100 miles in the Model S, 4,400 miles in the Model 3.
  • Cost of Fuel: ZERO. Saved about $2,000 vs. a gas car getting 25 MPG
  • Car Camping: 20 nights in the Model S and 5 in the Model 3 costing $104 total as 4 nights were at RV Campgrounds.
  • 19 nights with friends or family. THANK YOU! It was great reconnecting with people I care about all over the country and it is one of the best reasons to road trip. When you fly, you miss so many of those opportunities.
  • 7 nights were spent in an AirBnB and 2 in a hotel for $650 total.

Okay, so what were some of my favorite Tesla road trip hacks?

Planet Fitness

Car camping is a great way to stretch your travel dollar… except for one minor detail.

Not showering sucks.

Above: Driving the Model 3 Performance in White Plains NY (Twitter: Steve Sasman)

That is where Planet Fitness comes in. For a mere $20 a month, you get to do two things that are really welcome on the road. The first is a good solid workout. The second is a clean shower. Planet Fitness has so many locations  —  even some at Superchargers and the price was so low it felt like I was stealing every time I went. Oh, and that’s not even counting the free massage chairs they offer which are remarkably good!

RV Parky

This app comes in handy for finding places to Car Camp overnight.


John, who joined me on the trip, turned me on to this hack. Soylent is a “complete meal in a bottle” with supposedly the right balance of nutrients to replace regular meals. But is this something you should eat every time?

Oh hell no!

A big chunk of the joy and adventure of a road trip comes from trying as many of the local flavors as possible. However, let’s be honest. At some stops, your options may be limited to a crappy fast food joint. This is where Soylent (or similar product) comes in. Skip the unhealthy garbage and save your money for some tasty local food at the next stop.

More Tesla hacks (at home)

Not only have I done two 48 State Road Trips at my own expense, I now own three Teslas at home that I rent out on Turo in order to give people extended test drives, and, let’s be honest… to be able to afford them. I’ve had over 250 rentals, which is a lot of time prepping the car and then meeting each renter.

Above: My Model S used for Uber, Lyft, and Turo (Image: Tesla Renter)

I’ve also been doing Uber/Lyft for 4 years and have given 1,600+ rides. I constantly answer loads of questions and impress people with the low maintenance costs and ability to road trip anywhere. My Model S now has 186,000+ miles and I’ve still only spent $5,000 on out-of-pocket on repairs. Read my original article, How I Used & Abused My Tesla, for the raw details including my first 48-state trip and my viral “Airbnb Tesla Hotel” that got worldwide press.

Ubering alone has probably resulted in numerous Tesla sales that I don’t know about or have gotten referral credit for — simply having that great interaction in an Uber certainly caused some to walk into a Tesla store when they would not have before.

I’ve spent a crazy amount of time promoting Tesla because I want others to experience what I know to be true: The future is electric. It’s just a better product in so many ways. It’s faster, safer, more practical, less expensive to maintain and it’s a smoother, more powerful driving experience.

And, as all my friends working at Tesla stores already know, once someone gets a test drive, it’s game over…the vast majority will place an order. The car is that good.


*Steve Sasman is a Tesla experimenter and 48-state road tripper at; he’s also a sharing economy enabler at

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here.

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Plug-In EV Car Market Share In Sweden Increased To 13% In January

Rate of growth in Sweden accelerated to 53%

Sweden is consistently striving to higher plug-in car market share, which in January amounted to roughly 13%.

Passenger plug-in car registrations increased by 53% to 2,665, which is pretty awesome, especially when the general market again shrunk by 11%.

Interestingly, all-electric car sales went up four times, while plug-in hybrids barely moved up by 2%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (465) was the best selling model, but Kia Niro catches our attention with 285 PHEV and 175 EV.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Weird Zava PrometheuS Electric Hypercar Needs Your Support

Crowdfunding for an A.I. enhanced prototype is underway.

Have you wanted to build your own epic hypercar but never figured out all the technical design stuff in school? If you have some spare cash, Zava Hypercars is ready to make your dream come true. The Italian start-up has a properly bonkers electric car all designed and ready, and it’s packed with some equally bonkers – if perhaps theoretical – technology. All that’s needed now is cold hard cash to build the prototype, and that’s where yet another bonkers approach comes into play. Rather than seeking traditional investors, Zava is crowdfunding the project. And the company needs help. Lots of it.

As of now, Zava has raised a whopping €1,225, or approximately $1,383 dollars. The goal (which is listed as flexible) is to reach €150,000 and there are 51 days left to get there. The campaign just kicked off on February 6 so it’s still in the early days, but that’s an ambitious goal for a project that is essentially vaporware at this point.

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Tesla ends contract to prepare Model 3 for delivery in Europe a week after first ship

A week after the first shipment of Model 3 vehicles arrived in Europe, Tesla is reportedly ending its contract with the company preparing the vehicles at the port due to complications. more…

The post Tesla ends contract to prepare Model 3 for delivery in Europe a week after first ship appeared first on Electrek.

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You Can Buy This Tesla Model S Hearse For Almost $250,000

It’s in Norway, so it’s perfect if you’re pining for the fjords.

Whether you’re ready to make your first journey in an electric vehicle or your last, this Tesla Model S is exceptional. Heavenly, even. Heavily modified — it’s been bequeathed a rather long landau roof — but now seats only two. The rear compartment is quite spacious but typically welcomes only one. This particular example shows only 1,000 km (621 miles) on the odometer. We assume most were collected before the significant remodeling.

The interior of this wagon is also fully customized from the front seats back. The rear accommodations feature a lovely wood floor that can actually be extended backward with the rear hatch opened, making egress easy.  The walls of the cabin are graced with diamond-quilted leather which, along with an all-electric drivetrain, make the vehicle deathly-quiet.

Located in Kopervik, Norway, the car is being offered up by the folks at Karmøy Bilsenter. The company customizes vehicles for a number of different purposes, though it does seem dealing with the dead is central to its mission. It bills itself as a” leading supplier of cars to the funeral industry” but also offers a number of other products and services.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is not the first Tesla hearse we seen. That honor goes to RemetzCar, which debuted its version back in 2016. More recently, that company has offered up a Model S station wagon.

If you happen to have taken a fancy to this unique build, be prepared for a pretty steep bill. According to the website on which it is hosted, the asking price is 1,999,000 Norwegian Krone ($230,946). Shipping and taxes — which are, of course, certain — are extra. For a better look at this hearse inside and out, check our gallery below.

9 photos


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Jaguar Considers All-Electric Future Following I-Pace Success

The British carmaker might also migrate all mainstream models to a single flexible platform in preparation for electrification of their entire model range

While Jaguar is in a hole these days – mostly of its own making – the company is looking at an electrified future to turn the tides. The company posted a series of quarterly losses with the latest revealed on February 7th with £273m ($351m) in the latest three-month period. To add insult to injury, there was an additional whopping asset write-down, of £3.1bn.

In turn, the immediate aftermath produced a rippling effect across the board. The shares in its parent company, Tata Motors, which is the carmaking arm of the Indian conglomerate, collapsed by 18% and have now fallen by 60% in the past year. To make matters even more compelling, Jaguar Land Rover accounts for about 80% of the total sales and all of its profits for the Indian company, making us believe a big change is coming behind the scenes.

According to sources, the parent company is committed to Jaguar Land Rover and it is determined to turn it’s faith around. And the imminent replacement of both the Jaguar XE and XF models looming behind the horizon, paired with the success rates of the all-electric I-PACE, is making the British carmaker turn to EVs for their future success.

It was revealed in an article published by AutoCar, that the British carmaker is eyeing a clean slate design for both. According to the information revealed, Jaguar is eyeing to migrate all of their mainstream models into a single flexible platform in the preparation for their entire range becoming electric in the next few years. In turn, this follows a similar path that BMW AG took with their new multi-modal platform, giving the Bavarian carmaker the option of using it for both their ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models, but also, to hybridize and electrify some of its range, while keeping complete flexibility.

With the European Commission announcing recently that the CO2 emissions of new cars registered in the EU will have to be 15% lower in 2025 and 37.5% lower in 2030, Jaguar will be hard pressed to rethink their strategy. And this comes in the face of a potential problem where not even the 2023 plug-in hybrid XE/XF and the XJ could not be enough to help meet the 2025 targets. While a logical answer to this problem would be to go electric, the British carmaker is well aware of the potential issues stemming from the dependency of EV uptake on government incentives, charging infrastructure and legislation changes.

However, the success of the Jaguar I-Pace might move the carmaker in the direction of hybridization and battery-powered vehicles in the near future. If Jaguar decides to go completely electric, the appealing styling of their newer models, combined with the premium brand awareness and likeability, might actually turn the tides around for one of the world’s most coveted car companies in the long run. With the world moving to a cleaner future, some low-yield carmakers like Jaguar might benefit more from skipping the hybridization phase altogether. But, having said that, moving to battery-powered vehicles completely is a big decision to make. Especially for a company that’s been struggling to keep things going at a reasonable rate. However, an electrified Jaguar F-Type with a 0-60mph (0-100km/h) in 3.0 seconds, gorgeous looks and impressive handling, sure sounds like a good idea.

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