Tesla’s In-House Body Shop Fixes This Model 3 In 25 Hours

The first nine in-house body shops were opened this month, and so far, the service has reportedly been excellent.

It was back in April, during Tesla’s 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting, when Elon Musk revealed how the company is opening in-house body shops later in the year. Designed to reduce the turnaround time for vehicle repairs, the shops were seemingly the next step in the ever-advancing customer service that Tesla provides to their customers. Earlier this month, the company revealed that nine of these in-house shops were finally opened up. And right now, the reports for service have been nothing but excellent.

Confirmation of such a level of service comes courtesy of u/ekobres, a Model 3 owner and member of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit. The owner was kind enough to share his in-house repair experience, gathered from taking his Model 3 to a Tesla repair shop in Marietta, Georgia. Reportedly, the shop repaired a panel alignment issue in one day. According to the owner, the company picked up the car, issued a loaner vehicle to the customer, then proceeded to return his vehicle in just 9 hours, fully fixed and cleaned.

Even though the turnaround time and the whole experience was impressive, the amount of work that had to be done on this Model 3 was rather small. However, thanks to another Model 3 repair – coming with more extensive damage – we get to see the in-house body repair shop in Marietta, GA in some more compelling action.

This Model 3 is owned by the hosts of YouTube’s Like Tesla, a channel dedicated to providing information, entertainment, and humor, all wrapped into a Tesla. The damage done to their vehicle was quite extensive, as somebody backed up into their car. A large portion of the front bumper was damaged. So was the left headlight, which was cracked due to the impact. But, it seems the in-house workshop was able to undo the damage rather fast and with excellent service provided to the customer. You can view the entire experience in the video right above.

Source: Teslarati

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