Audi: By 2020 Our Electric Cars Will Fast Charge To 80% In 12 Minutes

Audi BEVs will get 350 kW ultra-fast charging

Currently, Audi is introducing its first all-electric model – the e-tron – which will be able to charge from 0 to 80% in around 30 minutes. That’s at 150 kW of power, which is industry-leading level for passenger cars. Also, the on-board charging (3-phase at 22 kW is swell too).

However, 150 kW is not the goal, but just a temporary level for the first two cars – the e-tron and e-tron Sportback (2019).

The third model – Audi e-tron GT – built on a second BEV platform and equipped with tech from Porsche, will be capable of charging at 350 kW. 80% state of charge should be achievable in 12-minutes.

The news was confirmed by senior e-tron product marketing manager Johannes Eckstein:

“Audi’s third electric model, the E-tron GT, will be its first to have batteries capable of charging at 350kW when it arrives in 2020.”

The 350 kW, or 5C charging rate, over a wide state-of-charge window, is expected to be possible thanks to new batteries, that are able to withstand such power.

By that time, Porsche and Audi will make use of the IONITY (Europe) and Electrify America/Electrify Canada (U.S. & Canada) ultra-fast charging networks. Only time will tell whether the number of stations will be enough for peace of mind on long-distance travel, but at least the strategy seems reasonable.

Source: Autocar

Source: Electric Vehicle News