How To Bag A Tesla Model 3 In Case Of Hurricane

…or other flooding event.

Hurricane season doesn’t officially end until the end of November, and with the flooding that Florence was responsible for in the Carolinas still ongoing, it’s probably a great time to share how you can protect your Tesla Model 3 (or any car, really) from damaging high water. Basically what you want to do is seal it in a giant bag, but there are lots of other things to keep in mind. Luckily, Brian from the i1Tesla YouTube channel has put together a video (above) giving us all the details about how one can prepare their vehicle for the big storm.

He started out by ordering a “vehicle protection bag” from an outfit aptly named Extreme Vehicle Protection. Apparently, they came to his attention a while back when they appeared on the T.V. show “Shark Tank.” It, like it sounds, is a car-sized bag that is so waterproof, it will float. Yes, with the car inside of it.

To demonstrate its ability to withstand water intrusion, our host, whose home is on a hill and not actually in danger of flooding, laid out an inflatable pool in which to make his car “swim.” He drove the Model 3 into the bag which, of course, was also in the pool. He then proceeded to cover it with blankets and cardboard to prevent any damage from incidental collisions. It strikes us that if these bags had a bubble wrap element to their tops and sides, it would fulfill that function nicely.

Anyhow, he then began to fill it up with water. (The pool, not the bag. Come on, stay with us here.) Unfortunately, his pool was too shallow to demonstrate the full floating effect, but he does manage to get one wheel off the ground. Flood simulation complete, the car is then driven from its bag and, voila, is still dry.

Video description:

Got a Bag from EVP to protect my car from the hurricane. Extreme Vehicle Protection contacted me to do a video on this product. I wanted to bring it to people so they can prepare for the next time. I think it is a great product.

Source: YouTube

Source: Electric Vehicle News