Fully Charged Recaps Paris Motor Show 2018

The 2018 Paris Motor Show was highly electrified.

Fully Charged was present at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, and noticed that the biggest stars of the show were all-electric cars. Not even plug-in hybrid had comparable attention.

The best-looking concept for many was the Peugeot e-LEGEND Concept, but there were so many new production models that consumers can’t complain. Here are just a few BEV stars:

“Robert and Jonny take a stroll around the recent Paris motor show (Mondial de l’Automobile) and get to poke around a few cars that will hit the roads in 2019. Maybe we should also add: Many thanks to Renault UK and Kia for transporting us to Paris, and looking after us so well. More specific Renault episodes coming soon.”

Source: Electric Vehicle News