Tesla Model 3 Consumption With Roof Rack Blows Away Subaru Forester

How much range will you lose by putting that roof rack on your Tesla Model 3?

Just the other day, we shared a video and story about unboxing and installing a Yakima roof rack on the Tesla Model 3. It came courtesy of Kootenay EV Family. Now they’re back at it, putting the car through some controlled consumption tests with the rack in place.

This followup video is fantastic for those with plans to put a roof rack on their Tesla. If you watched the first video, you’re well aware of how to install the rack. But, the most important question to many is, how much will it impact range?

It’s important to note that they conducted this test with winter tires in cold weather and mixed elevations, so the Model 3 is already consuming more than it would in more range-friendly conditions. At any rate, they test the car with no rack, with the rack installed, and then with a Yakima ski box attached.

The test shows that the overall consumption is negligible when adding the rack. The Model 3’s consumption increases by about two percent, but the margin of error essentially negates the loss. However, adding the ski box dials the added consumption up to about 10-15 percent. Surprisingly, in comparison, the same test in a gas-powered Subaru Forester showed a whopping 441-percent increase in consumption!

Video Description via Koontenay EV Family on YouTube:

Model 3 Roof Rack Consumption Test

Testing consumption/efficiency with the new Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack installed (we also test with our ski box installed and check the noise levels in the cabin).

To read the full blog post related to the video, complete with charts, follow the source link below.

Source: Koontenay EV Family

Source: Electric Vehicle News