The prerequisites for tomorrow’s EV and AV technologies

Sponsored by Scheugenpflug

Scheugenpflug focuses on e-mobility and autonomous driving and, with its high-quality dispensing solutions, is accompanying an imminent turn of events in the growth field of mobility.

Digitalization, e-mobility, autonomous driving, industry 4.0 and energy system transformation: Many of today’s megatrends would be unachievable without safe, reliable electronics. These electronics are becoming smaller, more complex and more powerful, and at the same time the demands on their longevity and reliability are increasing. Modern adhesives, sealants and encapsulants are used to protect these components from harmful influences in the long term. The systems for the application of these materials to the components were supplied by Scheugenpflug AG, headquartered in Neustadt/Donau. The product and technology range of the East Bavarian company, which has branches in the USA, China, Mexico and Romania and employs a total of just under 700 people, is diverse: In addition to dispensing systems and systems for material preparation and feeding, it also includes customer-specific inline and automation solutions.