Will Homes Soon Come with EV Charging Stations?

Will Homes Soon Come with EV Charging Stations?

A Key Step To an Electric Future

Electric vehicles are taking the roads by storm, with a projected 26.4 million EVs in the United States by 2023. To support this shift into clean energy, charge ports are creeping up everywhere, even in thousands of new and renovated homes. What will the installation of EV stations look like and how soon will they be charging up in a home near you?

What Does an EV-Ready Home Look Like?

Ford Home Charger
Putting a charger in place takes some behind the wall work

Most home outlets are already compatible with Level 1 charging. These homes would need a 240-volt upgraded with wiring and other electrical work to be compatible with faster Level 2 chargers. Luckily, many EV owners use this format as the charger usually comes with their car purchase. However, a more efficient and battery-saving Level 2 option needs a 50-amp circuit. The upgrade may require extra installation fees of up to $3,500.

These estimates are also based on single-family households with one electric vehicle in their garage. A multifamily home would need at least two charging spots and extra space for the wires and plugs.

Why Pursue Home Charging Stations?

Home charging stations for EVs promise a cleaner future. The transportation sector accounts for 30% of greenhouse emissions from the U.S., but electric vehicles emit zero tailpipe carbon emissions.

Pre-wired houses fit for EV stations will also save homeowners money in the long run. As EVs grow in popularity and more charging stations crop up, these homeowners are well-prepared for the greener and cleaner years to come.

Additionally, a charging station is great for resale value. When moving is the reality, a decent home value makes the process much more lucrative. During the selling process, an energy audit measures the efficiency of a home by looking at ductwork, windows and other amenities. An EV charging station represents a modern and innovative benefit for forward-thinking homebuyers and is sure to bring the resale value up a notch.

Home-based charging ports will also need to ramp up in more secluded areas as they may be far from common hubs and stations. A charging station readily available at home allows these drivers to go anywhere with a steady energy source at the end of the day.

Is Installation Already Happening?

Though it will not happen overnight, the mass installation and pre-wiring of new, single-family homes are well on their way. The International Code Council (ICC) recommends new homes be built with EV-ready codes to make these residential homes relevant for decades to come. The State of California passed a law  recently that mandated that all new residential and some commercial buildings be “EV capable,” meaning the builder must provide electrical panel space, empty conduit and a termination box for a future 240-volt, 40-armp circuit.

GM home chargers
Automakers are making chargers part of the package, but having an EV-ready house comes first

Some construction companies are already taking up the torch and implementing 240-volt plugs and wiring in every new home. This is enough to power a single-family household car.

As the next generation of homebuyers rises, so does the demand for EV infrastructure. Millennials and Gen Z individuals place a high value on clean energy. The increased accessibility of EVs means they will look for homes that can charge their cars overnight.

The ICC found more than 9.6 million Americans will need proper plug-and-electric setups for their EVs by 2030. Clearly, the home is the best place for people to find reliable and affordable energy.

Greener Homes and Cleaner Roads

Green and electric energy is the future, and Americans are embracing it with pre-installation and wiring for EV stations. Future homebuyers can keep an eye out for these amenities in their next open house and take their sustainability to the next level.

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