Liberty Access Technologies Installs Chargers and Keypads at First 7-Eleven

Liberty Access Technologies has been awarded it’s the first contract with 7-Eleven to install chargers using our Access-Only Keypad that uses our patented Synchronous Code Generation technology.

Santa Barbara, CA – July 20, 2020 – Liberty Access Technology (LAT) is installing another of its access control innovations at a 7-Eleven site in Kamas, Utah. This is the first installation at a 7-Eleven location, which has over 60,000 stores worldwide.

The LAT’s Access-Only Keypad provides a way for owners and managers to limit access to electric vehicle charges by certain individuals and for limited durations of time. LAT’s patented Synchronous Code Generation technology enables secure charging without expensive networks, The Access-Only Keypad works like an electronic padlock that “opens” a specific charger for a specific period of time.

“We are excited about our installation at an organization as massive as 7-Eleven. We hope the convenience and operational efficiencies that this location experiences will pave the way to install chargers throughout the 7-Eleven network” said Chris Outwater, CEO of LAT.

The Access-Only Keypad attached to one or two EV chargers allows owners to sell or give away one-time-use numeric codes generated in our smartphone application or website. Each code is used only once, only with a specific charger, and only for a specific period of time.

Many EV drivers appreciate the ability to get access to EV charging without having to join a network or carry membership cards. And equipment owners appreciate not having to pay large fees for monthly services or each transaction.

If you’re not concerned with measuring electricity usage, one-time-use access codes (“charge authorization codes”) are an easy and effective way to limit access to only certain EV drivers, and only for certain periods of time.

About Liberty Access Technologies

Liberty specializes in access control systems for electric vehicle charging in the parking industry, fleet EV and multi-tenant dwellings. LAT’s patented Synchronous Code Generation technology enables secure charging without expensive networks, and the Hydra Multi EVSE Control system enables cost effective large scale EV charging solutions for workplace and multi-tenant. Our mission is to use our patented technology to enable our customers to control access, costs and carbon emissions via our “grid-aware” technology.