Liberty Access Technologies Selected to Provide HYDRA Systems for Arizona Public Service (APS) Employee Charging

Liberty’s HYDRA EV charging system and ClipperCreek have proven that they can take the heat.

Santa Barbara, CA – November 20, 2019/ Liberty Access Technologies (Liberty) is proud to announce that it has been selected to supply its HYDRA EV charging system featuring ClipperCreek HCS-40 charging stations for all Arizona Public Service (APS) employee charging. This decision is based on the equipment’s durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions in addition to its ease of use and advanced functionality.

APS, Arizona’s largest electric utility, had previously installed HYDRA systems at their Palo Verde Nuclear Station and their service center in Prescott. APS was initially concerned with the thermal safety and durability of EV charging systems, many of which fail when exposed to the extreme desert heat during summer months.

However, after prolonged successful operation of the HYDRA systems at the Palo Verde and Prescott sites, APS has chosen Liberty and charger manufacturer ClipperCreek as their preferred providers for employee charging and will be adding HYDRA systems across all of APS’s sites.

“We are always striving to bring additional value and solutions to our customers,” said Will Barrett, the Director of Sales at ClipperCreek. “Our materials and in-house manufacturing ensure that our EV chargers can provide excellent performance even in the summer climate. Liberty’s HYDRA has proven to be a durable smart charging product in these sites”.

Employee charging systems will be installed or expanded in metropolitan Phoenix and surrounding areas, with the first new HYDRA system installation scheduled for the Deer Valley Center. In the coming months, Liberty will be supplying up to 7 HYDRA EV charging systems, along with access control and billing services for the rapidly growing number of APS employees who are choosing to go electric and drive EVs.

Chris Outwater, CEO of Liberty said, “The adoption of EVs is rapidly accelerating across the United States and we are very excited to work with APS to increase their EV charging sites for employees.”

Arizona Public Service Company is the largest electric utility in Arizona and the principal subsidiary of publicly traded S&P 500 member Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, which had been formerly named AZP Group.

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