Liberty Access Technologies Unveils HID Access to EV Charging Systems

The new model includes a built-in HID credential reading technology that gives customers the convenience and security to use HID Global’s proximity access card systems.

Liberty Access Technologies, a division of Liberty PlugIns Inc., is excited to announce that the company’s Hydra ™ R EV chargers now accept HID Global’s proximity access card and fob systems. HID Global is a world leader in the access control systems, and this new integration will open up opportunities for fast authentication and access to HID users when they charge their electric vehicles.

Chris Outwater, the CEO of Liberty Access explained, “Competing EV charging systems with secure access control cannot use existing HID cards, but require the user to obtain and use a proprietary RFID key fob or card. We’ve solved that problem.”

With millions using HID products, this ultimately adds convenience and security to Liberty’s existing and highly popular card reader system. Employees and tenants can just use their existing building access proximity cards and fobs to access EV charging on the Liberty Hydra ™ system.

The HID authentication is easy to activate – customers simply need to key in the location of the charger on the keypad next to the HID reader, and then present their HID card in order to authenticate the user’s account and enable charging.

Under the direction of a large Los Angeles municipal agency, Liberty has recently supplied 3 HID/keypads to the EV charging system that manages 24 Level 2 chargers at UCLA Harbor Medical Center.

The new HID access system has also been installed at a condominium project in Atlanta. This was done in partnership with Envirospark Energy, based in Atlanta.

Aaron Luque, Envirospark’s President added, “The Liberty Hydra platform is uniquely positioned as a perfect =t for our clients who want their employees or tenants to be able to use the same access card or fob to access EV charging stations as for the parking garage, building, elevators, etc. It has been a huge hit among our clients who have deployed the system, to say the least!”

The Hydra™ R is essentially a “smart gateway” allowing for centralized management and access control of multiple chargers. It is ideally suited for workplace, fleet, retail and multifamily commercial properties. Hydra differs significantly from conventional “gas pump” EV chargers due to its ability to provide valuable real-time data and feedback to owners with regard to usage and costs across multiple charging stations. The Hydra system allows you to be “greener” in that it is tied into the local electrical grid and can tell you when the best times to charge are to save money and reduce carbon emissions. The system is comprised of the Hydra Control Module which centralizes access control, data recording, and communications, as well as a keypad that is used to initiate charging that can be activated via a code, sent to a mobile phone that expires after a certain period of time.

The industry-leading Hydra™ R can directly control power supplied to each charger and can work with virtually all brands, giving owners a choice in EVSE hardware. Using the Hydra™ R is simple. Drivers merely connect their EV, enter the charger number and charge authorization code in the keypad and begin their charging session. Hydra™ R pairs the driver’s code with usage data and sends it to Liberty’s servers every 15 minutes. The records can be viewed by owners to prepare for billing and optimize usage to minimize costs and reduce carbon emissions by promoting charging during periods of lower electrical demand.

About Liberty Access Technologies:
Liberty Access Technologies (LAT) specializes in access control systems for electric vehicle charging in the parking industry, fleet EV and multi-tenant dwellings. LAT’s patented Synchronous Code Generation technology
enables secure charging without expensive networks, and the Hydra Multi EVSE Control system enables cost-effective large scale EV charging solutions for workplace and multi-tenant. Our mission is to use our patented technology to enable our customers to control access and costs and reduce electricity consumption via our “grid-aware” technology. For more information, please visit: