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Liberty Access Technology (LAT) communicates with ABB to ensure reliable, secure control systems in all of their electric vehicle (EV) chargers. ABB’s products support current and future EVs with high voltage charging applicable to a wide variety of uses.

Featured ABB Products

Terra DC Wallbox

Terra DC wallbox is a futureproof investment supporting current and future EVs with high voltage charging, applicable to a wide variety of use cases, in an ultra-compact footprint, that is safe and reliable, for residential use too.

0 … 22.5 kW
24 kW (peak)
CCS 150 … 920 V DC
CHAdeMO 150 … 500 V DC
≥ 92 % at full powerHeight 770 mm
Width 584 mm
Depth 294 mm
60 kg, excluding backplate (10 kg)
and cables
GSM/ 3G/ 4G
OCPP 1.6

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Terra DC Fast Charger (94/124/184)

ABB's Terra DC fast chargers are designed for quick, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models, including those equipped with high voltage battery systems. The Terra’s compact size makes it perfect for public and fleet use, while its modularity allows an increase of charging power up to 180 kW and serve up to three electric vehicles at the same time.

The Terra family of DC fast chargers includes the Terra 24 to the Terra 184 (20 to 180 kW), including the Terra 54 – the most deployed 50 kW charging station across Europe and North America.

90 kW on one outlet
120 kW on one outlet or
2 x 60 kW on two outlets
180 kW on one outlet or
2 x 90 kW on two outlets
500 VDC CHAdeMO Connector

920 VDC CCS Connector
≥ 92 % at full powerHeight 190cm / 74.8”
Width 56.5cm / 22.2”
Depth 88cm / 34.6”
395 kg / 871 lbsGSM/3G/4G modem; 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
OCPP 1.6 Core and Smart Charging Profiles;

Product Highlights

Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 (OCPP) Technology

OCPP includes a broad set of messages with a wide range of functionality for enterprise telematics and usage data. The transaction-based set-up of the messages makes it easy to connect to a back-end system to process charging sessions, define usage models and handle data. Other capabilities include integration with apps and energy management.

Integrated Network Communications

ABB has integrated with nearly every major charging network around the world for OCPP support across public and fleet charging operations. ABB chargers can be operated using a direct OCPP connection while linking to ABB's advanced diagnostics and firmware update services for additional intelligence, technical support as well as reduced maintenance. By enabling Autocharge coupled with an OCPP server, this functionality offers access control at the vehicle level, ideal for fleet asset telematics. ABB’s software engineers work with the latest standardized protocols in the EV charging industry.

Please visit ABB website for more information.


Liberty Access Technology (LAT) communicates with Rhombus Energy Solutions to meet the needs of medium-and-heavy-duty fleet operators. Available in 60kW and 125kW power capacities, Rhombus chargers support various power and high energy management challenges.

Featured Rhombus Products

PCS-500 DC Fast Charger

The RBES-500 is ideal for large building energy storage applications. The integrated isolation transformer and rugged NEMA 3R integrated skids simplifies site preparation and deployment. The Rhombus RBES-500 is also fully integrated with Rhombus’s VectorStat® energy management system (EMS) software, providing operators with the information, metrics and applications required to manage their solution.

500kW Power with Bi-Directional Operation (V2G Capable)530Vdc to 9200VDC>95%3.1m W x 2.3m H x .97m D (120”W x 92”H x 38”D)3185kg (7020 lbs.)Serial, CAN, Modbus RTU and Rhombus VectorStat®

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RES-D2-CS20(V2G) DC Dispenser

Rhombus dispensers are built to meet the needs of M/HD EV fleet operators. This includes the ability to locate the dispenser next to the vehicles, up to 600
feet away from the PCS. This dispensers also have the capability of gathering
a variety of data from the EVs being charged, simplifying the overall task of EV fleet management.

60kW to 125kW270 - 870 VDC CCS 1, 25ft connector

530 - 920 VDC CCS 1, 25ft connector
~17”D x ~22”W x 75” H~150 lbs. (configuration dependent)Cellular (4G/LTE) + WiFi + Ethernet w/ configurable fallback
Option: Ethernet only
Rhombus VectorStat® for enhanced diagnostics and energy management.

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Product Highlights

PCS-500 DC Fast Charger

Reliability and Power

Rhombus Battery Energy Storage (BES) inverters are designed for high efficiency and high reliability to support various power and energy management challenges. With a 500kW rated output, the RBES-500 is ideal for large building energy storage applications.

Communication and Control

The VectorStat software framework and advanced OCPP and Modbus controlling systems provide fleet operators with an unmatched edge computing capability for their EV charging solution. VectorStat can collect and process large quantities of data from fleet vehicles undercharge, as well as run applications locally on the charger. The result: improved operating resilience and fleet operation capabilities.

RES-D2-CS20 DC Dispenser

Reliability and Power

Today’s medium- and heavy-duty (M/HD) EVs can have storage capacities from 150kWh to over 600kWh. These vehicles need dispensing systems that have been designed to continuously supply large amounts (60kW to 125kW) of clean DC power on a continuous basis, without impacting their reliability.

V2G Rhombus Technology

Vehicle to grid (V2G) provides the ability to offset peak loads by offering/selling excess vehicle power back to the grid, reducing total energy costs. Vehicle to the building (V2B) enables vehicle energy to power critical building circuits during power outages, improving overall grid resilience.

Please visit Rhombus website for more information.


Liberty Access Technology (LAT) communicates with Phihong to develop high-efficiency EV charging products geared towards environmental protection and carbon reduction. Phihong has developed a family of DC chargers to meet a wide range of EV needs.

Featured Phihong Products

60 kW Free Standing DC Fast Charger

60 kW/100A150-950 VDC ≥ 94 % at optimize V/l pointHeight 180 cm
Width 70 cm
Depth 33 cm
235kgGSM/3G/4G modem; Ethernet, WI-FI,
OCPP 1.6 CAN bus/RS485

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06-DS180 DC Fast Charger

  • 180 kW / 500 A
  • 150-950 V DC
  • OCPP 1.6

Product Highlights

Power and Customization

The Phihong DC Fast Charger Series includes a variety of EV chargers ranging from 60 to 180 kW to meet individualized charging needs. These customizable chargers are customizable and user-friendly while continuing to provide power and reliability.

Communication and Control

Featuring a wide range of user interface, control and communication technologies, Phihong DC chargers offer integrated and easy-to-use systems. Features such as mobile payment and app-based control make EV charging easy, while OCPP and CAN bus technology to provide accurate communication and management software.

Please visit Phihong website for more information.


Liberty Access Technology (LAT) communicates with Delta to provide smart-charging infrastructure solutions. Delta’s DC chargers, AC chargers, and charging site management systems optimize charging services and energy efficiency to meet increasingly prevalent EV market needs.

Featured Delta Products

Ultra Fast Charger 150 kW

  • 150 kW / 400 A
  • 50-1000 V DC
  • OCPP 2.0

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UFC 200 Ultra Fast Charger

  • 200 kW / 400 A
  • 200-1000 V DC
  • OCPP 1.6

Product Highlights

Power and Efficiency

Delta DC chargers have a power output ranging from 25 kW to 200 kW. With high power efficiency as well as multiple outputs and charging interface options, our DC chargers can optimize the operating costs of public and commercial charging services, especially in space-limited sites.

Communication and Control

Featuring the latest OCPP technology, Delta chargers provide secure and user-friendly operation and control systems. Network connectivity and compatible e-mobility through ethernet, Cellular, and OCPP ensure that communication systems are reliable and efficient.

Please visit Delta website for more information.


Liberty Access Technology (LAT) communicates with Tridium to provide a comprehensive software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications. Whether you manage a network of highway rest stops where EV drivers seek a fast charge, or you operate a fleet of heavy-duty mining vehicles, the PK350 is up to the challenge.

Featured Tritium Products

50 kW All-in-One DC Fast Charger

  • 50 kW
  • 38-480 V AC
  • OCPP 1.6

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350 kW High-Powered Charger

  • 150 kW / 400 A
  • Up to 920 V DC
  • OCPP 1.6

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Product Highlights

Power and Efficiency

Tritium chargers are built to power residential stations or networks of highway rest stops. Ranging from 50 kW to 350 kW, these scalable systems are designed to suit your layout requirements. Their power units can be located away from small user units in order to maximize space, while meeting high-power charging needs.

Communication and Control

Tridium is the developer of Niagara Framework®. Niagara provides the critical device connectivity, cyber security, control, data management, device management and user presentation capabilities needed to extract value and insight from real-time operational data. Tridium has built Niagara Framework on open-protocol standards, and it has brought it to market with an open distribution model.

Please visit Tritium website for more information.

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