Flexible and powerful charge station management

All of your EV chargers working together, for you.

Anyone who owns Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) needs a way to control who uses it, to track consumption and account for costs.

Solutions from Liberty Plugins go beyond what any other Charge Station Management System (CSMS) can offer. By combining our Hydra™ hardware with OCPP and OpenADR control protocols, operators are empowered to mix, control, meter, and monetize any EVSE in their portfolio, current or future.

Whether for your workplace or condo’s Level-2 chargers, for your new fleet’s DC fast-chargers or anything in-between, Liberty Plugins has a cost effective and robust solution to meet your needs.

several electric vehichles charging at clipper creek or enphase EVSE 40A charge stations. Charge stations are managed by Liberty Plugins Charge Station Management System (CSMS) based on Hydra. Tall buildings are visible beyond parking lot.
CaaS meets Virtual CSMS

Get more for less with Liberty

CSMS is not one-size-fits all. Companies that are not well served by big Charging as a Service (CaaS) providers and their big contracts may also find that virtual OCPP-based CSMS solutions offer too little control.

Liberty Plugins has a simple solution that is fundamentally different from either approach: you own your equipment and get to take home more of what your users pay.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight fee structure: Transparent and flexible fee structure leaves more on the table for your business, or for the users you serve.
  • Hardware-based CSMS solution: Tangible CSMS means simplified maintenance.
  • OCPP and OpenADR Compliant backend: Manage other EVSE, including DCFC, via Liberty Access Platform.
  • Access and payment options for all: Integrate your current RFID access, a simple pin pad, or use our app.

Let us help you manage your EVSE

We specialize in working with site owners, EPCs and integrators to help develop a solution to the specific charging needs of client. Contact us today to see how our solution fits your problem.