Manage EV Charging for Your Multi-unit Building

Your residents need to be able to charge their Electric Vehicles at home. You need to be able to manage costs and access. Liberty Plugins has a scalable solution that perfectly meets your needs and budget, now and in the future.

The charging solution your complex has been waiting for.

Every HOA, condo complex, and apartment building needs EV charging. That’s because within a few years, most of the cars sold in North America, as many as 85%, will be electric. EV charging for multi-unit dwellings is no longer a luxury amenity or limited to California; it is quickly becoming the standard. Don’t get left behind because you can’t meet the needs of today’s driver, see how easy and affordable charging can be with Liberty Plugins. 



Access Control

Ensure that the only people with access to your chargers are your residents. Use your existing RFID system or our simple keypads to control access to shared or dedicated chargers.

Custom Payments

Make payments work for your community. Whether you want to include charging in the rent, or pass costs through to your residents, Liberty Plugins has a structure for your situation.

Get Green Credits

Because Liberty Plugins uniquely turns any charger into a CTEP-certified EVSE, you may be eligible to collect valuable LCFS credits. We’ll help you maximize credit and grant eligibility each year. 

Fair and Flexible

Liberty Plugins offers a lightweight cost structure that almost anyone can live with. And we let you bring your own chargers if you like. No need to buy new chargers just to start managing your chargers.

Lowest fees for tenants. Best value for building owners.

Fees Structured to Save Tenants Money

Every Charge Station Management System has fees, but you can reduce them to nearly nothing with Liberty Plugins.

Our flexible payment structures allow you to offer chargers to your residents with the lowest possible overhead. Liberty reduces exposure to fees from both our network and from credit card networks by offering a wallet feature that can cut fees by 2/3rds in some cases.

Talk to our sales team about your situation, and we’ll show you how our system can save your tenants and you tons of money.

We're With You at Every Step.

Whether you need to wrangle the chargers you already have, or you’re just getting started with EV charging for your building, we’re here for you. From the first call, to breaking ground, to technical support and data insights for the life of your system, Liberty Plugins is your partner every step of the way.

Give us a call today to learn why hundreds of companies have deployed thousands of chargers with Liberty.

Our solution works equally well regardless of make, manufacture or age of charger. Control and monetize virtually any Level-2 charger with Liberty Plugins.

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