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Liberty Plugins Hydra™

A good CSMS is a necessity for any workplace, multi-unit or fleet charging system. Period.

Hydra™ offers unrivaled flexibility and control to site owners who need to manage existing EVSE, or who want to integrate EVSE from different manufacturers. Hydra CSMS is available under Liberty’s lightweight, no-lock-in fee structure.

A diagram showing the Hydra-R™ Controller connected to various EV chargers.

What is Hydra?

Hydra is a CSMS in a box: You connect your chargers to Hydra, and we connect your chargers to the internet. From the online Liberty Access Platform, you can monetize, meter consumption and manage user access to connected EVSE.

Because Hydra communicates on behalf of the chargers you connect, you can use any charger you like: no need to buy or rent proprietary hardware from a service provider. If you already have chargers, you can keep them. And, because you own your hardware, you get to keep using them even if you stop working with us. Try that with the other guys.

Mini Case Study

This site has 45x chargers from various manufacturers connected to 5x Hydra-R™ units. In these images, 20x pedestal-mounted Clipper Creek HCS-40 units are controlled by two of the visible Hydra units.

Thanks to Hydra’s onboard, RSA compliant revenue-grade meters, this CA-based operator banks Low Carbon Fuel Subsidy (LCFS) credits each year at a profit. 

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Perspective image of standalone EV chargers being controlled by three Hydra-R™ units in the background.
Image of three Hydra-R™ Controllers, one of which has an open panel.

Solve Integration Problems

When combined with the Liberty Access Platform, Hydra becomes an incredibly powerful tool for EVSE integrators solving challenging problems for their customers. Combine 40A-80A Level-2 EV charge stations that may already be on-site with new equipment like DC-fast chargers, and control all of it from one intuitive dashboard.

Powerful Options for Operators

Control who has access to your EVSE via RFID, keypad or via mobile app. Open it up to the public or lock it down for select users at select times. Charge users for consumption at point of sale, bill them later yourself using tools in the Liberty Access Platform, or let us handle it. Liberty’s platform is flexible enough to handle practically any CSMS need.

Hydra-RS and Hydra-R Specifications

Hydra Model Hydra-RS 2 Hydra-RS 4 Hydra-R 6 Hydra-R 8 Hydra-R 10
EVSE Circuits 2 4 6 8 10
Dimensions 16 x 20 x 8 in 30 x 36 x 8 in
Weight 60 Lbs 100 Lbs
Max current per circuit 32A
Max Conductor Size 8 AWG
EVSE Circuit Voltage 120 - 240 VAC
Control Circuit 120 VAC, 1A
Enclosure NEMA 4, 14ga Steel
Compatible EVSE Any unlocked 40A Level-2 EVSE, non-networked preferred
Communications 4G GSM/CDMA modem or hardwired ethernet
Compliance UL-916, OCPP, OpenADR, California RSA

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