Power Up Your Business with a Smarter EV Charging Network

Equipping your workplace with managed EV chargers is a long-term strategic decision for your business.

If your employees drive to the office, you need EV charging. Period.

That’s because by the end of this decade, most of your employees and job candidates will drive electric. For commuters, the ability to charge at the office can make all the difference. But don’t worry, Liberty Plugins can make it simple, affordable, and even profitable to offer this necessary perk to employees.

Tap-in, Turn-on

Control access to your chargers with your existing RFID badge system. No need for new cards or codes.

Charge for Cheap

If you have tiered rates, or if you have solar, you can turn chargers on when power is cheapest. 

Get Green Credits

Some states will credit you for your charging activity. We’ll help you maximize your credits each year.

Attract Talent

Employees are easier to hire and easier to get into the office with perks like EV charging. 

In this example, the average salary is $70,000, the old quit-rate is 2.5%/yr, and the new quit-rate is 2.375%/yr. The cost to replace an employee is assumed to be 33% of their salary. The value of this savings is charted above in relation to the size of an organization. Base-10 log scale used.

Offer in-demand perks to hold on to your best employees.

You're gonna want to get HR involved.

Between recruiting, hiring, training and onboarding, the average cost to replace an employee is 33% of that employees annual salary, according to Forbes. In the same report, Forbes reports that for organizations with fewer than 10,000 employees, 2.5% of those employees will quit in a given year. Yikes.

What if you could offer a perk that reduced the rate at which employees leave by just 5%? Depending on the size of your organization, that could be worth a whole lot. Perks like EV charging, that encourage employees to come to the office, can easily make that small difference.

Only Liberty Plugins can be retrofit to your existing chargers.

We'll smarten those right up for you.

Plenty of solutions for charger management exist, but nobody else can guarantee that your existing Level-2 (40A) chargers will be compatible with their Charge Station Management System.

If you have old chargers that you want to manage, give us a call.

Our solution works equally well regardless of make, manufacture or age of charger. Control and monetize virtually any Level-2 charger with Liberty Plugins.

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