Ryvid Anthem launched as lower cost 75 MPH electric motorcycle in the US

Last month we broke the news of the Ryvid Anthem’s unveiling, watching as the designers finally took the innovative electric motorcycle out of stealth mode. Now the novel bike is officially launching with pre-orders opening today.


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Source: Charge Forward

Mercedes-Benz Energy to supply second-life EV batteries to Moment Energy

Moment Energy, a Canadian energy-storage startup, has reached a supply agreement for second-life EV batteries with Mercedes-Benz Energy. “We’re excited to work with Mercedes-Benz Energy to ensure that EV batteries are given a second life in stationary energy storage applications,” says co-founder and COO of Moment Energy Sumreen Rattan.

Moment Energy’s 60 kWh energy storage system uses Mercedes-Benz Energy batteries.

The company will deploy two of these systems at God’s Pocket Resort, a Canadian off-grid scuba diving resort that currently depends on diesel generators, later this year.

“Together with Moment Energy we will enable sustainable ESS-solutions for North America based on second-life batteries,” says Mercedes-Benz Energy CEO Gordon Gassmann.

POSCO Group purchases 100% stake in silicon anode startup

Global materials firm POSCO Group has purchased a 100% stake in the startup silicon anode materials company Tera Technos, according to Business Korea.

“The startup’s continuous production technology is said to be capable of increasing productivity three times compared to existing batch technology,” Business Korea reported. “It also developed a technology that can increase silicon content in anode materials by using nano-sized silicon particles.”

POSCO Holdings is aiming to extend Tera Technos’s production facilities in 2022, to start selling silicon anode materials within the first half of 2024, and to raise its production capacity to tens of thousands of tons by 2030.

Epiroc to supply EVs for new all-electric mine in Canada

Epiroc, a Swedish manufacturer of mining and infrastructure equipment, has won an order valued at over 100 million Swedish Kronor ($9.7 million) from mining giant Glencore in Canada for battery-electric equipment and automation solutions that will be used at an all-electric mine.

Glencore’s Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations has ordered a full fleet of battery-electric equipment for use at the Onaping Depth Project in Ontario, Canada. The nickel and copper mine is located below the existing Craig mine, and is being developed to start production in 2024.

Epiroc notes that more and more mining companies are adding battery-electric machines to their fleets. The benefits of electrification include eliminating emissions in operations, reducing noise pollution, and lowering costs by reducing the need for ventilation and cooling—this is especially important as underground mines keep getting deeper.

Glencore has ordered 23 machines, including Scooptram loaders, Minetruck haulers, Boomer face drilling rigs, Boltec and Cabletec rock reinforcement rigs, and Simba production drilling rigs. The Simba rigs can be operated remotely from the comfort of a control room. All units will be equipped with Epiroc’s Rig Control System, making them ready for automation and remote control, as well as Epiroc’s telematics system.

“Epiroc scored high on safety, design and testing of the entire battery system,” says Peter Xavier, Vice President of Glencore’s Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations.  “Epiroc also offers large-capacity batteries, uses a standard CCS charging protocol, has a battery swap system, and the designs are universal and compatible.  Also, the batteries have integrated cooling systems and safety systems built into the design.”