Volvo turns to blockchain tech to keep track of cobalt sources

Volvo cobalt blockchain ledgerAs sourcing battery materials becomes more and more challenging, automakers and their suppliers are being forced to take extra precautions to ensure the integrity of their supply chains. In a global market, this means an abundance of caution and scrutiny. For that, Volvo is turning to a chain of a different kind: blockchain. “Traceability of raw…
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Energy CEOs offer ‘defiant voice’ on efforts to reduce carbon emissions

CNBC moderated a panel on Monday at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC). The panel consisted of heads of Big Oil and Big Gas. The CEOs spent their time defending their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and intimated that environmental groups pushing for a faster transition to green energy were being unrealistic and overly emotional.


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Letter from South America: electric buses rolling in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador

Electric buses are on a roll worldwide, thanks to their compelling economic and environmental benefits. South America, which is rapidly urbanizing, heavily dependent on bus transit and plagued by air pollution, is emerging as a major market for e-buses.

According to Intelligent Transport, South American bus networks transport nearly 13 times more passengers than European ones do. Naturally, this dependence on transit buses makes them one of the main producers of tailpipe emissions – in 2010, an estimated 64,000 people died prematurely in Latin America due to particulate matter and NOx emissions.

In 2018, 271 electric buses were delivered in Latin America.
BYD currently has the largest market share in the region, with a presence in 5
out of the 8 cities which currently operate e-buses.

Santiago, Chile boasts the largest electric bus fleet
outside of China. The capital has deployed 386
electric buses
from Chinese builders BYD and Yutong, along with chargers
from Enel X, and plans to electrify all its buses by 2050.

The Colombian daily El Tiempo reports that a deputation from the transit agency for Bogotá recently visited Santiago to learn more about electrification strategies. Bogotá has solicited proposals to supply 594 electric buses. Other Colombian cities are also getting charged: Cali will deploy a fleet of 125 e-buses this year, and Medellin has ordered 64 BYD buses. Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, launched a fleet of 20 electric buses in March.

It’s not just buses that are electrifying. El Tiempo reports that electric utility Electricaribe has added several electric service vans to its fleet in Barranquilla. Colombia offers several tax and financial incentives to stimulate EV sales, and private electrified vehicles are beginning to hit the streets. According to El Tiempo, sales have grown from a mere 196 units in 2017 to 1,674 in 2019 (through September). (It’s not clear whether these figures include hybrids.) The majority of Colombia’s electrified vehicles are from Kia, BMW and Renault.

Continuous Solutions upgrades its electric motor lab to military grade

Electric Motor

Continuous Solutions, a Portland, Oregon-based engineering firm that specializes in the research and development of ultra high-efficiency electric motors, now functions with military grade environmental testing standard.

The company has added a thermal chamber (-160º to 160º C), a dust-exposure chamber and a water-submersion testing tank to its laboratory. The facility has also added a second machine testbed with 132 kW 4-quadrant dynamometer, including an acoustically isolated dyno that meets the Department of Defense’s Technical Readiness Level 7 standard.

The lab upgrade was made possible by Oregon’s Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant award titled, “High-performance Switch Reluctance Machine Controller.”

“Our goals are to start putting our tech in renewable energy applications that will improve people’s lives,” said CEO Dr. Nyah Zarate.

Accell’s new 32-amp AxFAST portable EV charger

California-based electronics maker Accell has introduced a new portable charger, the AxFAST 3202, that doubles the amperage of its previous portable charger. The new device will be available in November.

The AxFAST 3202, priced at $549.99, supports 240 V, 32-amp charging, delivering 7.68 kW of power. It weighs just 12 pounds and features a J1772 coupler and 24.6-foot cable. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The charger plugs into a standard NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Costly retrofits, state rules keeping E15 gas from making it to many stations

Pump with multiple ethanol/gasoline blends.Despite a heavy push from the Trump administration, the proliferation of fuel blends containing greater quantities of ethanol has hit a wall. In some areas, stations are even adding dedicated E0 fuel pumps due to increased demand for ethanol-free gasoline. E15 gasoline blends are widely available in states such as Iowa and Minnesota, but virtually…
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Tesla unveils Model 3 made-in-China with media test drives

Tesla has unveiled its first Model 3 made-in-China at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai and it has now even started to give media test drives of the vehicle ahead of the start of sales. more…

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