Infineon’s new silicon carbide power module for EVs

At its virtual PCIM booth (July 1-3), Infineon Technologies will present the EasyPACK module with CoolSiC automotive MOSFET technology, a 1,200 V half-bridge module with an 8 mΩ/150 A current rating.

With the introduction of the CoolSiC automotive MOSFET technology into the EasyPACK, Infineon is expanding the range of uses for the module family to include high-voltage applications in EVs with high efficiency and switching frequency requirements. These include HV/HV-DC-DC step-up converters, multi-phase inverters and fast-switching auxiliary drives such as compressors for fuel cells.

CoolSiC automotive MOSFET technology is designed for traction inverters, with a focus on low conduction losses, especially under partial load conditions. Infineon says the module, combined with the low switching losses of silicon carbide MOSFETs, reduces inverter losses by around 60 percent compared to silicon IGBTs.

The CoolSiC automotive MOSFET power module meets the AQG 324 Automotive Power Module Qualification Guideline.

Mass production of the EasyPACK CoolSiC Automotive MOSFET module FF08MR12W1MA1_B11A is underway. It will be available through distributors starting in September 2020. 

Déjà vu department: Tesla Q2 deliveries beat expectations, stock soars

It’s become a familiar ritual: Tesla announces quarterly deliveries that beat expectations, as most everyone (at least in the EV press) expected. It’s a choreographed quarterly concert that keeps Tesla in the news, and keeps the stock price climbing.

This time however, a global pandemic and auto industry slump were in the mix, and there really was some uncertainty as to whether Tesla would make a respectable showing. The California cowboys came through, confirming quarterly deliveries of 90,650. That’s only slightly lower than Q2’s 2019 figure of 95,200, which counts as a huge win under the circumstances.

It’s becoming clear that EV sales (which pretty much means Tesla sales) are going to take much less of a hit from the economic turmoil than ICE vehicles. GM, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, Ford and Audi all saw their deliveries drop more than 30% in Q2.

Here’s what Tesla had to say:

In the second quarter, we produced over 82,000 vehicles and delivered approximately 90,650 vehicles.

While our main factory in Fremont was shut down for much of the quarter, we have successfully ramped production back to prior levels.

Production Deliveries  Subject to lease accounting
Model S/X 6,326 10,600 14%
Model 3/Y 75,946 80,050 4%
Total 82,272 90,650 5%

Elon Musk dunks on Tesla short and thanks owners/investors as TSLA rises to new highs

Elon Musk is taking a victory lap on Twitter today and dunking on Tesla short as the automaker’s stock price (TSLA) is reaching new highs.

The whole situation is a bit ironic when you consider that two months and $100 billion in valuation ago, he was saying that the stock is too high. more…

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