Liberty Access Technologies’ HYDRA Custom Installed at Carillon, Now Equipped for Teslas and Standard EV Chargers

 — Liberty Access Technologies is pleased to announce that its Hydra™ R EV charger is now equipped to work with both Standard and Tesla EV chargers. The company has installed a charging system at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, the world famous resort and spa located on the water in Miami Beach.

Hydra™ R is essentially a “splitter” allowing for centralized management and access control of multiple chargers. It is ideally suited for workplace, fleet, retail and multifamily commercial properties. Hydra differs significantly from conventional EV chargers due it’s ability to provide valuable real time data and feedback to owners with regard to usage and costs across multiple charging stations. The Hydra system allows you to be “greener” in that it is tied into the local electrical grid and can tell you when the best times to charge are to save money and reduce carbon emissions. The system is comprised of the Hydra Control Module which centralizes access control, data recording and communications as well as a keypad that is used to initiate charging that can be activated via code sent to a mobile phone that expires after a certain period of time.

The industry leading Hydra™ R can directly control power supplied to each charger, and can work with virtually all brands, giving owners a choice in EVSE hardware. Using the Hydra™ R is simple. Drivers merely connect their EV, enter the charger number and charge authorization code in the keypad and begin their charging session. Hydra™ R pairs the driver’s code with usage data, and sends it to Liberty’s servers every 15 minutes. The records can be viewed by owners to prepare billing and optimize usage to minimize costs and reduce carbon emissions by promoting charging during periods of lower electrical demand.

Hydra™ R is truly multi-functional and supports a variety of access control and billing methods, including credit card, fleet fueling cards and HID access badges. The EV charger uses “Revenue Grade” (.01 kWh accuracy) meters to send usage data to Hydra R main board for storage.

The Hydra™ R charger can be seen in action at its recent customized installation by Carillon resort and spa. The installation operates with five Level 2 (208v) chargers. Three of these have been provided by Tesla for charging its popular Model S, X and the coming Model 3s. The system has been installed by Len Shapiro, owner of America’s Best Air Conditioning, Heating and Electrical, and has 2 Clipper Creek chargers that can also charge all other types of EVs and PlugIn Hybrids, using the standard connector.

“The Carillon has a long history of offering the latest and best amenities to its customers and guests,” said Len Shapiro. “This is their way of helping their tenants and guests add to the green economy.” Len added, “It was a pleasure to work with the Carillon team in order to get this leading edge EV charging system installed and ready to use.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Liberty to provide our latest control equipment that can manage both standard EV chargers and also the Tesla chargers within the same system,” added Chris Outwater, President of Liberty PlugIns. “Our Hydra product allows the site owner to mix various types and speeds of charging and also manage the overall electrical load.”

Liberty Access Technologies (LAT) specializes in access control systems for electric vehicle charging in the parking industry, fleet EV and multi-tenant dwellings. LAT’s patented Synchronous Code Generation technology enables secure charging without expensive networks, and the Hydra Multi EVSE Control system enables cost effective large scale EV charging solutions for workplace and multi-tenant. Our mission is to use our patented technology to enable our customers to control access and costs and reduce electricity consumption via our “grid-aware” technology. For more information, please visit:

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Organization: Liberty Access Technologies
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