Is This The Real Deal Tesla Model Y? Probably Not

Could this be the Tesla Model Y?

It sure looks like it could, but we can’t be certain.

We know that the Model Y will ride on the same platform as the Model 3. Furthermore, we suspect it will largely resemble the 3. However. it’ll be lifted a bit, as it’s a crossover.

Therefore, this image would be fitting of the Model Y, but there’s just no info to go on and we suspect it’s a clever photoshop/

All that’s officially known of the Model Y is limited to the teaser above and some hints from Musk here and there.

According to Tesla, the Model Y will be largely based upon the Model 3. This means its cost to develop should be on the lower side, though that doesn’t imply a low price tag necessarily.

The newest rumors, combined with info from Musk, indicate a base price $40,000, provided it’s offered with the smallest Model 3 battery pack. However, we don’t think that will be available on the Y and for certain, not anytime soon.

Previous rumors indicated Model Y would be a 3-row crossover, though that seems a bit questionable too.

The Model Y will be officially unveiled on March 14, which is just a week away.

Check out the image of what appears to be Tesla’s upcoming electric crossover. Word is it may be a photoshop. Is it? You be the judge.

Here’s the lone official Model Y teaser from Tesla:

Tesla’s Official Model Y Teaser


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Harley-Davidson Spruces Up LiveWire Spec Sheet

Thought you knew everything already? Think again!

I think Harley-Davidson missed its place in the spotlight. Since the beginning of the week, the company has treated us to no less than three updates from the company. So, what’s up Harley? After unveiling the new Electra Glide Standard, a stripped down version of it famous fully clad tourer, and announcing the purchase of push bike company StaCyc, we’re now told that there’s more to the LiveWire that we didn’t know. Sit around kids.

As Harley-Davidson prepares to finally put the long-awaited LiveWire on the market, it’s trying to keep the hype alive by drop-feeding us information about its very first fully electric motorcycle. While flexing its electric muscles in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show, Harley took the occasion to spruce up the model’s spec sheet.

While earlier reports stated that the LiveWire was expected to do the American Kessel Run in 3.5 seconds (read: 0 to 60), H-D now confirms that final production numbers put the model closer to the 3.0-second mark. As for the 60 to 80, expect the model to gain 20 mph in 1.9 seconds. Top speed has been set at 110 miles per hour which is plenty of juice for the real world.

Harley also breaks down the range, confirming that urbanites will get roughly 140 clicks out of the LiveWire while highway lovers will get closer to 88 miles—averaged, the numbers are consistent with the promoted 110-mile combined range. The company confirms that every dealer that will have the LiveWire in its showroom will also offer a public fast-charging (DCFC) station.

What about “that Harley sound” that makes Harlistas’ gonads purr? Don’t worry, the company thought of that too and it promises that the LiveWire will produce a “signature sound”—did it send one of its Milwaukee Eight in the recording studio or will twisting the throttle blast out Slow Ride‘s opening guitar rif?

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More Info Leaks Out On Cheaper Versions Of Polestar 2

A more affordable Polestar 2 is coming. Eventually.

At $63,000, the Launch Edition of the Polestar 2 is priced well above what many can shell out for a car. If you’re a fan with patience, however, there will be more affordable versions available down the road. Now, we’ve gotten a couple of nuggets about how the company will pull off these cheaper options.

As it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Polestar executives Hans Pehrson and Christian Samson spoke with Autoblog, and filled them in on some of the Volvo subbrand’s future intentions for the Tesla Model 3 competitor. During the Polestar 2’s original reveal CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the outfit would offer a 39,900-euro version ($44,707 at today’s rates). In their reporting, the website rounded this figure down to “around 39,000 euros” and “about $44,000,” respectively and went on to divulge how this would be achieved, at least in part.

Similar to the Tesla approach, the “affordable Polestar” would have a smaller battery than the 78 kWh pack that powers the top-spec model. No exact size or range estimates were given. They also didn’t say if this shorter range version would be available in all of the same markets as the one boasting the bigger battery.

In addition, and again similar to its American benchmark, they confirmed that a less expensive Polestar would be motivated by a single electric motor. This would, of course, effectively make it a two-wheel-drive vehicle, which we think is fine for most consumers. It should be noted that they didn’t specify whether it would be the front or rear axle that would be blessed with the propulsion unit. In its single motor versions, Model 3 is rear-wheel-drive, which is generally touted as preferable for driving dynamics.

As we mentioned, prospective buyers will need to have some patience. As we understand it, lower-spec variants of the Polestar 2 will only begin production in February of 2121.

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Tesla Model 3 Tops Electric Car Sales Chart In Netherlands In February

The Netherlands notes its best January and best February ever for EV sales.

As the volume deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in Europe began, Netherlands enjoys a fast expansion of electric car sales.

In February, about 2,457 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in the country, which is 132% more than a year ago! The market share also improved to 8.2%.

80% of the sales were all-electric cars, which drives the market high, despite the fact that premium models (in a new higher tax bracket) are now a rare sight in the stats.

After two months, average market share amounted to 7.4%.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – February 2019

Tesla shipped hundreds of Model 3 to the Netherlands. With 472 new registrations, Model 3 has become #1 among plug-in electric cars and #15 among all cars sold in the Netherlands in February.

Strong results were seen by the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV too.

The models were:

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Is This The Last Lightning Strike Teaser Before The Launch?

Show us the bike already!

In January, electric bike startup Lightning, maker of the world’s fastest electric bike, announced the addition of a new act to its one-bike show. This time, from fast and expensive, the company planned on hitting the affordable, mass-production, long-range sweet spot. So when is the teasing done and the actual bike coming? Your guess is as good as ours.

How many teasers are too many teasers? We’re on number three for the Strike. This time, Lightning is sharing the charging options of the Strike.

According to the graphic the company sent out, the Strike will be able to charge on three different levels, from regular, at-home charging to ultra fast. A standard outlet will charge the bike “overnight” (no number of hours specified). A level 2 will give the Strike a full charge within two to three hours while a level 3 fast charger will give a 100-mile boost in roughly 20 minutes while a full charge will take 35 minutes.

Lightning Strike charging options

This information joins the already impressive list of features the bike has to offer, including long-ish range—150 miles which would make it one of the most interesting offers on the market, a top speed of 135 miles and a price point below the $13k mark. Should the production numbers remain the same, the Lightning Strike is likely to create a shockwave on the electric motorcycle market by making emission-free commuting more accessible than ever and much easier to deal with on a regular basis thanks to the extended range. Another graphic showcased the riding geometry of the bike, much easier to work with than the super-sporty LS-218.

Whether an additional battery pack available at an extra cost (like with Zero Motorcycles) will be required to have access to the full range or whether $12,995 is all you will have to pay remains to be seen. That and, obviously, the bike itself. No date has been confirmed, all we know is that within now and March 31st, we’ll get to see it. So, Lightning. When?

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Formula E races in Hong Kong this Sunday; will hold indoor race next year

The next Formula E race is this Sunday, along the Hong Kong waterline at the Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Circuit.

This is the first of two race weekends in China this year, the next being scheduled two weekends from now on March 23rd in Sanya, the southernmost point in the country.


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Tesla told to stop listing Model 3 prices ‘after gas savings’ in Germany, should they do it globally?

Tesla has been told by the German industry association for fair competition practice to stop listing Model 3 prices after incentive and gas savings in Germany by March 20.

Should Tesla do it globally? more…

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All-Electric Car Sales In UK Doubled Again In February 2019

Demand for pure electric cars is now higher than supply

Positive news comes from the UK where the plug-in car market expanded in February by 36% to 2,104 at a decent 2.6% market share.

Results are quite encouraging in the “quietest month of the year ahead of crucial March plate change”, as plug-in hybrids managed to note small growth. The serious increase was made by all-electric cars, which moved up by more than 100% for the second month in a row.

  • 731 BEVs (up 106% year-over-year)
  • 1,373 PHEVs (up 15.4% year-over-year)

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in the UK – February 2019

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) complains that the increase is not high but until new models (with decent supply) will not hit the British market we should be satisfied, especially that WLTP and changes in Plug-In Car Grant wiped out many PHEVs.

“Meanwhile, in the four months since the October 2018 reform to the Plug-in Car Grant, the market for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) has only grown by 1.7%, compared with 29.5% over the first 10 months of 2018.1 This suggests that removing the incentive for PHEVs is having an adverse effect.”

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said:

It’s encouraging to see market growth in February, albeit marginal, especially for electrified models. Car makers have made huge commitments to bring to market an ever-increasing range of exciting zero and ultra low emission vehicles and give buyers greater choice. These cars still only account for a fraction of the overall market, however, so if the UK is to achieve its electrification ambitions, a world-class package of incentives and infrastructure is needed. The recent removal of the plug-in car grant from plug-in hybrids was a backward step and sends entirely the wrong message. Supportive, not punitive measures are needed, else ambitions will never be realised.

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