Liberty Access Technologies Makes EV Charging More Convenient and Secure

Liberty Access Technologies will use HID Global secure access technologies to enable the use of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS).

Santa Barbara, CA – May 4, 2020 — Today Liberty Access Technologies (Liberty) announces an effort to add electric vehicle charging stations to the list of critical assets that are secured by HID Global’s trusted identity technologies. The news comes as an increasing number of enterprise
commercial and residential properties add EV chargers to provide employees and tenants with convenient charging stations that accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, a critical component in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“As electric vehicles continue their rapid growth in popularity, organizations that are building out the EV charging infrastructure will be confronted with the need to support secure and convenient access to EV chargers,” said Gary Oberman, Vice President Americas Sales of
Extended Access Technologies with HID Global.
“Working together with Liberty, our industry-leading trusted identity technologies will provide secure and convenient access to the enterprise EV charging infrastructure using the same HID credential used to enter the building.”

Liberty has significant experience providing their customers with a wide range of access control solutions, including HID access cards, personal identification numbers (PINs), and smartphone apps. In fact, Liberty was the first company to activate a charging session using an HID card over 4 years ago. HID Global is a world leader in credentials used for secure access to
buildings, parking garages, and other enterprise functions where additional security is desired or required.

“Ease-of-use and accessibility are important components of the EV charging experience and these factors are often overlooked,” according to Chris Outwater, CEO of Liberty. “Now drivers can use their same HID credential to open the parking lot gate, start their charging session and enter their building. This makes the workplace EV charging process seamless, secure, and intuitive.”

About Liberty Access Technologies
Liberty specializes in access control systems for electric vehicle charging in the parking industry, fleet EV, and multi-tenant dwellings. LAT’s patented Synchronous Code Generation technology enables secure charging without expensive networks, and the Hydra Multi EVSE Control system enables cost-effective large scale EV charging solutions for workplace and multi-tenant. Our mission is to use our patented technology to enable our customers to control access, costs, and carbon emissions via our “grid-aware” technology.

Liberty Access Technologies has shipped Hydra Control Units to Ronald Reagan National Airport

Electric vehicle owners will have access to 50 more Level 2 EV chargers at Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Santa Barbara, CA – December 7, 2019

Liberty Acess Technologies, the maker of the cutting edge HYDRA electric vehicle control system, recently sold its EV charging system to Ronald Reagan National Airport.

The airport will be deploying 5 HYDRA Control Units to meter and provide continuous metering and management of 50 Clipper Creek EV chargers in the long term parking structure at the Washington DC airport.

“This sale and delivery of our HYDRA product along with the highly regarded ClipperCreek EV chargers is a testament to a product with a reputation for reliability in all sorts of environments and with constant use,” said Chris Outwater, the CEO of Liberty Access.

Chris further adds that the HYDRA system will only be doing metering in the initial phase to collect and supply data to the airport management. This will allow them to further analyze and study the charging patterns of airport parkers and help create a smooth charging experience.

Will Barrett of ClipperCreek adds, “Clipper Creek is excited to be part of the new EV charging system at Ronald Reagan airport. Clipper strives to offer the most reliable chargers in the industry and we are pleased that the airport authority has chosen our chargers.”

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is, along with Washington Dulles International Airport, part of a two-airport system that provides domestic and international air service for the Washington DC and surrounding regions.

The installation of these EV charging systems comes as part of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s green initiative which looks to reduce the environmental impact of automobile emissions.