2019 BYD Yuan EV360 Now On Sale In China

New version beats the outgoing model.

The Yuan EV360 is a small-sized all-electric SUV launched by BYD in last May. On March 9, its all-new version hit the market with 3 variants priced between RMB 89,900 and RMB109,900 after subsidy.

The 2019 BYD Yuan EV360 still adopts BYD’s iconic “Dragon Face” design language with its exterior basically remaining the same over the existing model. Immediately above the closed-off grille is a chrome trim that stretches across the entire front face.

The new model measures 4,360mm long, 1,785mm wide and 1,690mm tall, the same as the outgoing model. Wheelbase for the all-new BEV is 2,535mm.

The 2019 Yuan EV360 has been upgraded in configurators over the 2018 version. The entire model series comes standard with aluminum alloy rims, leather-covered seats, anti-lock braking system, automatic air-conditioner and tire pressure monitor system, etc. Besides, the mid-spec version carries such facilities as in-car infotainment system dubbed “CarPad”, panoramic sunroof, automotive backup camera, event data recorder and PM2.5 filter. The top-spec version boasts 360-degree holographic display, side curtain air bags as well as anti-pinch windows.

Powering the new vehicle is a permanent magnet synchronous generator that produces up to 70kW and 180N·m, and a 43.2kWh ternary-lithium battery pack with an energy density of 126.91Wh/kg. The 2019 Yuan EV360 features a combined range of 305km, according to BYD’s introduction.

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Tesla Teases Model Y Ahead Of Reveal

Enough with the teasing. Show it already.

Telsa has just released a new teaser video of the Model Y ahead of the big reveal set for tonight. You can see the entire thing in the tweet embedded below (we’ve added the Instagram version as well). The image up above is what happens when you lighten and enlarge it for a better view.

It appears to be the actual vehicle, albeit it tightly wrapped in a covering cloth. Despite the obfuscation, the lines are clearly visible and we think they look pretty good. This time around, it seems head designer Franz von Holzhausen has avoided some of the “egginess” found behind the B-pillar in the Model X. We’ll see what that means for head space for third-row passengers — if, indeed, there is one — during the reveal livestream tonight.

While looks are, of course, subjective, this latest teaser has buoyed hopes here at InsideEVs that the all-electric crossover will have some appeal. Whether that will lead to a flood of orders remains to be seen, but considering the size, shape, and approximate price of the Model Y, we would be surprised if demand were not higher than that for the Model 3.

With more competitors to face than the automaker’s mid-size sedan, however, it remains to be seen whether the latest addition to the Tesla lineup will be its ace in the hole.


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With Model Y, Tesla Faces A Stacked Deck Of Competitors

The new electric crossover will see a lot of competition

While we are witnessing proclamations and denials on the prices of Model S, Model X and Model 3 we are getting closer and closer to the presentation of the Tesla Model Y (scheduled for March 14 – today), the fourth model to enter the list of the House founded and led by Elon Musk. An absent strategic model (as Tesla tradition) in a great event like the Geneva Motor Show to become the sole protagonist of a dedicated event.

Just like Apple does, specializing in snubbing fairs like the CES in Las Vegas or the MWC in Barcelona, preferring to organize the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) or other events where the only protagonist is the Bitten Apple. But the parallels between the two companies do not end there.

***Editor’s note: This range test comes our way via our fellow scribes over at Motor1.com Italy. It’s translated directly from Italian and we tried our best to leave the original character of the article and its wording intact.

Tesla Model 3

Between optimism and reality

If in fact at the beginning Apple was leading the smartphone world with the different generations of iPhones, able to sell tons of pieces per second, now it suffers from the competition, sales are falling and being able to amaze is increasingly difficult.

The same is likely to occur on Tesla’s side. At the beginning, in fact, the electric cars of Elon Musk played almost another sport compared to the traditional car houses, still linked to the classic combustion engines. Of course, sales have never reached the numbers of the giants of the industry, but year after year they have done better and better, especially thanks to the Model 3.

The Model Y will surely give a further boost, but as with the iPhone, the competition is now fierce and above all very numerous. How much? Just take a look at the price lists and electric news presented at the Geneva Motor Show to get an idea.

Seat el-born

The competitors

Just yesterday there was talk of future electric models that the Volkswagen Group will launch from now until 2028. A battery invasion that will also include more or less direct competitors of the Tesla Model Y. There will be, for example, the standard version of the Seat el-born, coming in 2020, based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. A zero-emission crossover capable of traveling about 420 km on a single charge.

The MEB platform is again the protagonist with the Audi Q4 e-tron, a 4.59-meter SUV with production forecast for 2020 and autonomy – calculated in the WLTP cycle – of about 450 km. Remaining in the VW Group there will also be the Volkswagen ID, the first electric car of the House of Wolfsburg and expected to debut at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. For her we talk about 3 versions with different batteries that can travel 330, 450 and 600 km respectively.

Hyundai Kona electric

The Korean Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro are already here. The first was the efficiency champion in our super test with the 6 best-selling electric cars in Italy , with 13.1 kWh consumed every 100 km and a declared range (WLTP) of 449 km, not far from the 435 registered in our test. The starting price is € 37,500 for the 39 kWh version and 42,500 for the 64 kWh version.

Double battery version also for the Kia e-Niro, coming next July, capable of covering 289 with 39.2 kWh and 455 with 64 kWh batteries. Prices are yet to be confirmed but those of the “cousin” signed by Hyundai should be replicated: 38,000 euros for the first and 42,000 euros for the second.

Need to amaze

Do you remember the Apple presentations and the “one more thing” with which Steve Jobs loved to close (wonderful) his speeches? Here, just that “extra thing” could be the winning weapon of the Tesla Model Y. To really impress an audience now accustomed to electric cars tomorrow Elon Musk will have to come up with something. But what?

Audi Q4 e-tron

We know that from the parts of Palo Alto they focus so much on the Autopilot, or rather the semi-autonomous driving system that already moves (not without some trouble) Model S, Model X and Model 3 and with Model Y could get some further refinement, a new functionality never seen before. Inserting vintage video games or entertainment systems for 4-legged friends is not enough to warm over the heart of motorists.

The wow effect could come from the price, even if the same Elon Musk has turned off in the bud any enthusiasm declaring that the Model Y will be 10% bigger than the Model 3 (with which it will share the platform) and therefore more expensive. The sedan will therefore remain the cheapest Tesla on the market with its $ 35,000 version.

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See Starman Drive The Tesla Model 3: Video

Starman must have come back to earth, possibly on a SpaceX rocket?

All jokes aside, one silly, happy point of the Tesla “non-advertising” campaign is its “Starman” that’s up in space somewhere, orbiting the galaxy. Most fans, and many others, know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s interests in technology, leadership, and financial commitments don’t just lie in electric cars. In fact, he may be arguably more committed to space exploration via SpaceX than he is to Tesla. However, as we see it, he continues to divide his time nicely.

This recent video share via Twitter user starman (@advofstarman) shows Tesla’s “Starman” finally getting an opportunity to test drive the hugely popular Tesla Model 3. Of course, it’s silly and much of a joke, but the fact that this fan took the time to get ahold of a costume and film this is telling.

Yes, Tesla pulls in a huge fan base. They make commercials and provide Autopilot footage and various races. As we see it, Tesla will never really need to resort to traditional advertising, since owners and fans take to social media with many unique shares like this. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have created an enormous social network empire that continues to promote the brand.

Do you think that Tesla and Elon Musk’s massive owner loyalty and huge social media presence contributes greatly to the company’s overall success? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry seeks Green New Deal discussion

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry made waves at an energy conference on Wednesday, saying he’s interested in “getting together and having a conversation” with U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the Green New Deal.


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Porsche Releases Latest Taycan Design Sketches Ahead Of Reveal

Nothing quite like a good teaser from the automaker months ahead of the reveal.

Yes, here you have it folks. Our friends over at Taycan Forum were able to get their hands on some final sketches direct from Porsche. The automaker doesn’t have plans to reveal the upcoming all-electric entrant until September. However, as most of you are well aware, we’ve been forced to use Mission E images and spy shots for some time now, since Porsche has yet to offer design images of the Taycan.

Will the Porsche Taycan really look like the early Mission E prototype?

While we still don’t have official photos of the Porsche Taycan at InsideEVs, Taycan Forum was able to access some recent sketches that are reportedly revealing of the car’s true from. In fact, a Porsche owner and follower of the related forum received an insider email directly from the automaker. It included the following caption:

To keep you dreaming about the Taycan on public roads, we have also brought you the latest design sketch of the Taycan from the design studio in Weissach. As you can see, the rest of 2019 looks very exciting! We look forward to sharing these experiences together with you.



Taycan Forum notes that it shows some resemblance to the Taycan prototypes they’ve discovered, though it also bears much similarity to the previous Mission E prototypes.

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Green Deals: DuroStar 20-inch Stainless Steel Reel Lawn Mower $80, more

Amazon offers the DuroStar 20-inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower for $80.10 shipped. Also at Walmart and Home Depot. Regularly up to $100, today’s deal is within a few cents of the Amazon all-time low price and the best we can find from trusted retailers. This model sports five stainless steel blades, adjustable heights and a built-in grass catcher. Early reviews are solid like the rest of DuroStar’s lineup.

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